The technical aluminum sulfate has multiple uses in various industries, especially in water or wastewater treatment process. It is used for coagulation/flocculation phase in gravitational settling tanks.

     W A T E R   T R E A T M E N T - coagulation/flocculation process

     In order to increase the efficiency of settling tanks, raw water is mixed with a solution of aluminum sulfate. The aluminum sulfate particles gather other particles in a larger and heavier particle. That particle has an increased descending speed to the bottom of settling tank.
coagulation/floculation process settlement

     O T H E R  U T I L I T I E S

  • paper industry - paper size
  • leather industry - white leathers
  • construction work

  • International use

    - 20% waste water treatment
    - 23% various industries
    - 57% water treatment process
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    Technological process
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